Mark Rieger Realty, "The Virtual Office Story"

Mark Rieger Realty, "The Virtual Office Story"

A “virtual office” is defined as a workplace that is not based in one physical location but consists of employees working remotely.

Having been a full time real estate professional since 1985 and a managing Principal Broker since 1988, Mark Rieger has worked for both large and small real estate firms alike in the state of Oregon giving him a unique professional perspective that could only come with that many years of experience.

Real estate in Central Oregon spans over a large geographic area. Because of this, a broker has two options: stay in one town where your office is located and concentrate your efforts where you are most comfortable, or provide services in multiple locations. For some brokers, assisting people in different towns is not a comfortable thing to do. Mark discovered years ago that a good share of his clients came to Central Oregon with the idea of living in one specific community, and then ended up purchasing a home in a different town altogether. Because of this, Mark decided to start offering folks assistance around the entire area, not in just one location. Mark has also been the recipient of multiple referrals over the years from fellow Realtors that simply didn’t want to work outside of their comfort zone. Mark has also successfully listed and sold properties in most of our Central Oregon communities.

Having a “virtual office” allows Mark to meet his clients at a place that works best for them, not making clients come to him. “If a person comes to look for homes in Sisters for example, why should I make them meet me at an office in Redmond or Bend?” Mark has met clients over the years at hotels, title companies, coffee shops, homes, and other locations all over Central Oregon. Everything that is needed to help a client purchase or sell a home is with him wherever he goes. Mark also has a team of professionals at his disposal for his client’s lending needs, title and escrow services, home inspectors, home remodelers, custom home builders, and many more. “Since I have been operating my real estate business as a virtual office anyway, my transition from a large firm to Mark Rieger Realty was an easy one to make. In fact, for the first time since I started selling real estate in 1985, I have everything I need in my home office location making it easier to provide superior customer service to my clients at the time that they need it. Since making this change, none of my clients have missed a beat, and neither have I.”

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