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Suggested Reading

We have compiled a few resources that are especially helpful for prospective buyers. With so many great ways to save time and money, we believe you can never be too prepared! Click here if you would like us to help you find something specific!

New Construction - Important Things To Know Before You Buy Or Build A Brand New Home

Important things to know before you Buy or Build a Brand New Home. You owe it to yourself to read this information whether you're planning to start from scratch and build a new custom home, or simply look for one already built.

It Feels Good To Help Those In Need

The charities and organizations mentioned below are local, state and in some case national and international in nature. Many of these causes have come to me through networking with folks like you. If you have a favorite charity that is not mentioned, please send me an email with a website address or general contact information for the organization.

Central Oregon Retirement Communities, Life Care Facilities, and In Home Options

The following is being offered as an infomation service only. I have no ownership in nor am receiving any financial remuneration from any facility mentioned.

1031 Exchanges

How To Defer Taxes With An Income Property Exchange