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The Lessons I'm Leaving Behind

by Mark Rieger, Duke Warner Realty

I know some of you are going to ask yourselves, "what does a blog about the lessons I leave behind have to do with real estate"? And I'd have to say, it has everything to do with life, and what really matters most to us as individuals. Real Estate is like everything else in life, it has it's place, it's need, and for me, it's my business choice and career. However, in life's big scheme, it truly means nothing when our time on earth is about through. This blog contains a link to a man named Randy Pausch's last lecture. Randy was a professor at Carnegie Mellon University who found out last winter that he had only months to live due to pancreatic cancer. 

I'm actually going to give you two different links to watch at your leisure. The first one is an abbreviated version which was given on the Oprah show.  It lasts only 10-12 minutes but very worth while watching. I'm also going to attach a link to Randy's actual last lecture at the university. Parade Magazine wrote a nice article about Randy and the lessons he wants to leave for us all, and also is responsible for the link to this final lecture. The lecture lasts shortly over one hour but has so many good messages to hear, making it worth while to watch when you have the opportunity to sit down for a longer spell. It is a message definitely worth sharing with family and friends. If anyone is concerned, it is not a religious message in nature. It is more about fulfilling life long dreams, having fun, taking risks, and asking for what you want in life. The most important thing I personally got from watching his discussions was that if you live your life right, with good morals, etc, the Karma will come to you. Life will be good, but you must live your life right.

Please take the time to watch these exerts of a man who knows what it's truly like to be facing his last days. It will be well worth your time. Enjoy watching, and all my best.

Building "Green" in Central Oregon

by Mark Rieger, Duke Warner Realty

Buying or Building "Green" is a lot more than having a home with a few "environmentally-friendly features". I learned this recently when we had a guest speaker visit our office from a company known as Earth Advantage. During our time together we learned about the basics of energy and water efficiency, indoor air quality, and other green products and materials such as insulation, windows and doors, air tightness, ventilation & heat recovery systems, and so much more. By taking the time to learn the basic principles of building science and how those principals can be used to build a home that is healthy, comfortable and thrifty, everyone, including the environment wins.

Another good source of information is the Building Green Council of Central Oregon which is a part of the Central Oregon Builders Association. If you are interested in learning more about "Green Building", check these websites out. You'll be glad you did!

Ignore the Headlines!

by Mark Rieger, Duke Warner Realty

Everyday it seems that negativity about the housing market dominates our local newspapers and television. Plain and simple, bad news sells more papers, and it makes more people watch TV. No one can deny that the housing market is down, but I certainly believe that bad news in itself can become a self fullfilling prophecy. This is why I wanted to offer you a different perspective on what opportunites might be within your reach right now, and waiting may not be the right idea.

Click on this link for an article from the February 25, 2008 issue of Time. After reading author Dan Kadlec's perspective on both housing and stocks, you just may be thinking to yourself, what am I waiting for! If you do decide after reading this article that you might be looking to Buy or Sell some real estate in Central Oregon, please give me a call.

One last thing for all you Golf enthusiast's. The Tradition Champions Tour Event is returning to Sunriver's Crosswater Golf and Country Club August 11-17. Last years 2007 event was the first of four years the tournament has contracted to be played at Crosswater.

Until next time, be well.

Why So Many Have Chosen To Live In Central Oregon

by Mark Rieger, Duke Warner Realty

This subject lies near and dear to my heart. When I decided to move out of the Portland metropolitin area, I knew there would be some ups and downs along the way. Why leave a growing Real Estate business that spanned almost 15 years to move to the East side of the Cascade Mountains? The answers were easier than I thought: 300 days a year of Sunshine, places like Mt. Bachelor Resort, a smaller town environment to raise my children, and a growing economy. Central Oregon continues to spread it's wings. In the Redmond area alone, in the last 6 months, three big box stores have opened up: A Walmart Superstore, Home Depot, and Lowe's Home Improvement showing that Redmond Economic Development is alive and well. The City of Bend continues to grow as well with many new shops and restaraunts opening. The downtown Redmond reroute, which will direct traffic off of the overstressed 5th & 6th St corridors will be open in both directions by 4th quarter 2008. The Redmond Airport expansion remains on track as well. With passenger traffic at Roberts Field up 11% in 2007 over 2006, the footprint of the airport campus will be expanded almost 600% with work potentially beginning by the end of March 2008.

Considering there is a growing economy, over two dozen golf courses within 30 minutes, and an abundance of fresh air and sunshine, I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. I consider myself lucky to live here in Central Oregon. If you're looking to potentially Buy a home or investment property in Central Oregon, or if you need to Sell property in this wonderful part of the state, please give me a call at (541) 480-7441 or send me an email at I'm here to help!

Displaying blog entries 171-174 of 174