Are you required to utilize the services of a Realtor in a transaction? Well, no. It is not required, but it is definitely in your best interest. Why, you ask? Can’t you just do it? Well, yes. You can. But let’s take a look at why you might want to have a Realtor in your corner.

Real Estate Agents are licensed. This means they have developed a knowledge base that is tested and validated via the state. Also, Realtors are members of the local, state and national professional association for Realtors--In Bend, Oregon: The Central Oregon Association of Realtors. Realtors must abide by a code of ethics. This code adds a layer of protection for the consumer. Substantiated violations can put their license (and livelihood) at risk. It is taken seriously by the industry.


Realtors must also renew their license and prove continuing education. This education keeps their skills up to date. Plus there are additional credentials that can be earned. Realtors must demonstrate deepened expertise to earn these credentials. Laws and regulations involving real property are an ever-moving target.


More direct benefits of using a Real Estate Agent in central Oregon are:

  • Expertise. Real estate is a Realtor’s day job. They are deeply invested in maintaining their license and credentials. They participate in continuing learning to make sure their knowledge is current with all the rules and regulations. This includes industry best practices. Having a Realtor in your corner lets you do what you do best--whatever your occupation is; you can know your real estate transaction is being handled by Realtors who are doing what they do best.
  • Relationships. Realtors are part of a larger professional real estate community. They have built strong working relationships with the important people that will be involved in a transaction, such as mortgage brokers, escrow officers, inspectors, etc. Their network is invaluable to help problem solve any issues and ensure a smoother transaction.
  • Negotiations. Realtors are highly skilled at negotiating on behalf of their clients. Real estate transactions are lengthy and complex. Realtors negotiate with the entire process in mind. They understand how a decision early in the transaction can affect things later in the transaction. Often it may seem like a simple negotiation, but can easily enter a gray area. They understand the ramifications of negotiation within acceptable standards and laws.
  • Objectivity. Buyers and Sellers are too close the transaction. Since real property is often the largest investment people have, emotions can run high. Sellers are letting go of long-term memories and personal investments of the property. Buyers are close to fulfilling a dream. Realtors understand the entire buying and selling process. Their impartiality ensures decisions are evaluated and thorough.
  • Access to Information. Realtors have access to databases that are designed to find properties matched to their client’s needs. Not only can they search for desired features (square footage, view, bedrooms, bathrooms, lot size, homeowner association fees, property taxes, etc.) Realtors have special weekly industry tours of available properties. This means they have personally visited these properties and have a deeper perspective on if the property is a good match. (And if by chance they haven’t seen the property on tour, they can privately preview the property to make sure it’s a viable option.) Realtors are the first line in sifting through the available properties. This saves you time--in searching the 100’s of properties currently on the market if you are buying and in understanding similar properties on the market when selling.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any assistance, or if you have any questions. I have been a full time Realtor for almost 30 years, and look forward to the opportunity of helping you with your real estate needs if and when you need it!