Greetings everyone

It's been a long and challenging series of events for many in these times we live in. It's rare to find legitimate and credible sources of information for consumers that can be relied upon.

Today, Fannie Mae has launched a website called "Know Your" that aims to be a source of quality information. Please feel free to explore, take advantage of, and pass along to your friends and associates the following link that should be a good source of information for those that most require it. Per Fannie, their goal is:

"Identifying accurate sources of information and finding the right answers can be a difficult challenge for homeowners facing hardship. That's why our goal in creating was to provide distressed homeowners with a one-stop shop for easy to understand, consumer-friendly information on the range of options for avoiding foreclosures, from refinancing to repayment plans, forbearance, short sales, and deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure".

As always, I am happy to assist you and your friends in need; please feel free to contact me any time. Here's the link:

Thank you.

Mark Rieger, Duke Warner Reaty