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Oregon The Most Desirable State to Move To

by Mark Rieger, Mark Rieger Realty

Below is an article written by Katherine Wood for the Cascade Business news. Interesting reading about this wonderful state of Oregon and it's popularity. I hope you enjoy it. 

The Most Desirable State: Oregon by the Numbers

Oregon may be synonymous with wet winters, tall trees, and covered wagons, but lately the state has taken on another meaning. For many, Oregon is now synonymous with home. In fact, more Americans are now calling Oregon home than ever before. In 2014, Oregon was the most moved-to U.S. state, according to the annual National Movers Study conducted by United Van Lines. Inbound residents made up 66 percent of moves to and from the state (a 5 percent increase from 2013, in which Oregon also held the top spot).

Read about the 5 measurable reasons why more Americans are making Oregon their home by clicking the link below.

Read complete article here.

Central Oregon Population Growth Estimates

by Mark Rieger, Mark Rieger Realty

Deschutes County growth rate leads

Oregon counties, ranks seventh in nation

U.S. Census Bureau population estimates for the year ending July 1, 2014 elevated Deschutes County into rarified air as the Oregon county with the highest percentage of growth and No. 7 on the Metropolitan Statistical Area growth rate list for the United States.

   This news, released in late March, briefly lit up social media in Bend with concern that another real estate bubble is in the making. But while the pattern is reminiscent of Deschutes County's population explosion in the early 2000s (up 29.3% between 2000 and 2006), the numbers indicate a much more restrained--and sustainable--ascent.

   To achieve the aforementioned rankings, Deschutes County's population increased 2.7% between July 1, 2013 and the same date in 2014. Jefferson County ranked 4th and Crook County was listed 9th in percentage of growth. Oregon's population increased 1.1%.

   The Census Bureau calculated Deschutes County's 2014 population at 170,388. Within the one-year gain of 4,433 people, 3,582 moved from elsewhere. This placed Deschutes County fourth in the state for in-migration, behind the three metro Portland counties

   Deschutes County's population increased by 8.0% between the April 1, 2010 census and last July.

   The Villages, an age-restricted retirement city in central Florida, topped the 2003-2004 metro area growth rate list at 5.4%, soaring 2.2 percentage points ahead of second place Myrtle Beach, S.C. Western MSAs in the top 10, aside from Bend-Redmond (the MSA designation for Deschutes County), were St. George, Utah, No. 5; and Greeley, Colo., No. 8.



Population estimates through 2065 show

arrivals will drive Central Oregon growth

Anyone planning to get away from it all by moving to Central Oregon may find the latest population forecasts disheartening. On the other hand, proponents of growth, enhanced lifestyle choices and a thriving economy should see the figures in a more welcoming light.

   Draft projections released by the Portland State University Population Research Center indicate Deschutes County will grow to 249,037 by 2035 and reach 357,345 by 2065. Bend's population will reach 132,209 in 2035 and 194,793 in 2065. Crook and Jefferson counties will also experience growth.

   Annual growth rates will be modest, relying on an increase in net in-migration to offset a declining birth rate. The majority of people moving into the area are expected to be individuals middle-aged or older.

   Final forecasts will be issued June 30.

Redmond Chosen a Top Retirement Destination

by Mark Rieger, Mark Rieger Realty

Retirement in Redmond

Redmond is profiled as a top retirement destination in the May/June issue of Where to Retire magazine. The journal specializes in identifying communities attractive to retirees. "Horseback riding and hiking at nearby state parks are made even more enjoyable by the mountainous backdrop of the Cascade Range," wrote editor Annette Fuller. "Downtown Redmond has seen a recent rejuvenation, with added landscaping, public art displays, a park and more pedestrian-friendly crossings. Additional funds are going toward a civic center and the restoration of two downtown landmarks," Fuller wrote.

Earth Day 2015 is April 22nd. Make your home more eco-friendly

by Mark Rieger, Mark Rieger Realty
Earth Day 2015 takes place April 22nd. 

Cities across the world host different events in observance of Earth Day. To find out more, visit your local cities website for celebration events. 

In observance of Earth Day, below are 12 budget-friendly ways to make your home more eco-friendly: 
1. Turn off the water when brushing your teeth. 
2. Replace your incandescent light bulbs with LEDs or CLFs. 
3. Install a low flow toilet or a dual flush toilet. The dual flush toilets allow you to select which flush option (big or small) is needed. This can help significantly reduce the amount of fresh water we 'flush down the drain'. 
4. Only use the dishwasher when there is a full load. Alternatively, hand-wash dishes if you don't have full loads. If hand-washing, remember to turn off the water while you're scrubbing to prevent waste. 
5. Take showers more often, instead of baths. Showers usually require 3 times less water than baths. 
6. Use natural light more often. It's daylight savings time; make use of the longer days by opening your blinds and curtains to enjoy the natural light instead of turning on lights. 
7. Grow plants! 
8. Purchase recycled toilet paper and napkins. 
9. Purchase organic bedding. Organic bedding uses fewer chemicals for production. 
10. Recycle or unsubscribe to junk mail. In addition, sign up for online bill pay to avoid paper bills. 
11. Refinish furniture instead of buying something new. Salvaging/refinishing old furniture can be both a cost-saving and fun activity. 
12. Use cloth diapers instead of traditional disposable diapers.

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