The decision to Buy a home is often made within 15 seconds of walking through the front door. To make a great first impression, and to ensure the best price for your home, consider home staging. Home Staging is the process of setting the scene throughout your home to create buyer interest.


Benefits of Home Staging


Studies show that home staging often results in a higher price than homes that are not staged, all other things being equal. The money that you invest in staging usually results in a high return on investment in terms of getting a number closer to their sale price..


Clean Up and Remove All Clutter


Potential buyers don’t want to see how you live. They want to picture themselves living in your home. When cleaning for home staging, clean every surface including windows (inside and out) and window sills, ledges, door knobs, ceiling fans, shelves, mini blinds, ceiling and floor corners, and baseboards. Remove all tile grout with bleach. Caulk areas around sinks and bathtubs. Consider hiring a maid service to ensure a thorough cleaning. The benefits of home staging will be worth the cost.


Get your carpets professionally cleaned, especially if you have pets. Even if you don’t, professionally cleaned carpets are far more appealing than worn out, stained ones.


Potential homebuyers will open your cupboards and closets. Make sure they’re organized neatly. Every storage area in your home should be neat, clean, organized, and clutter-free.


To Decorate or Not to Decorate


You need to show your home at its best potential to buyers. You are selling your home, not what’s inside it. Remove rugs, eliminate clutter and knick-knacks, and cut down on furniture. Take down your wedding photos, religious items, school pictures, and collection of refrigerator art. Rearrange furniture so it is conducive to a smooth traffic flow. Make the rooms as spacious as possible.


Consider replacing the towels in your bathrooms and kitchen with a couple of fresh new ones. Remove all personal items from countertops, and place a plant on the bathroom vanity. Remove all dirty laundry from sight. Add a centerpiece to your dining room table if you don’t already have one. Place plants in clean, attractive containers. Add a fresh, non-offensive fragrance to your home using potpourri, scented oils, or scented wax (as candle smoke can stain walls) such as cinnamon or vanilla. Many agents are even advising homeowners to bake a fresh batch of cookies if they know they will be showing their home.


A fresh coat of paint in a neutral color will also go a long way.


Your front porch is the first thing people see. If you have any dead or tattered planters, replace them with fresh ones. Keep all planters watered and trimmed. Keep your porch clean and inviting. Replace your front door handle if necessary, and put a stylish wreath on the door.


Home Staging can be a project you can do yourself, but if you want to invest in a professional Home Stager, the benefits are often worth the cost. If you are looking to Sell your central Oregon home and need some advise or assistance, please give me a call today. I am happy to help.