Everyday it seems that negativity about the housing market dominates our local newspapers and television. Plain and simple, bad news sells more papers, and it makes more people watch TV. No one can deny that the housing market is down, but I certainly believe that bad news in itself can become a self fullfilling prophecy. This is why I wanted to offer you a different perspective on what opportunites might be within your reach right now, and waiting may not be the right idea.

Click on this link for an article from the February 25, 2008 issue of Time. After reading author Dan Kadlec's perspective on both housing and stocks, you just may be thinking to yourself, what am I waiting for! If you do decide after reading this article that you might be looking to Buy or Sell some real estate in Central Oregon, please give me a call.

One last thing for all you Golf enthusiast's. The Tradition Champions Tour Event is returning to Sunriver's Crosswater Golf and Country Club August 11-17. Last years 2007 event was the first of four years the tournament has contracted to be played at Crosswater.

Until next time, be well.