Hi, I hope this blog finds all of you enjoying a great start to 2009!

I thought I would pass on another article which seems to indicate we might come out of this housing slump in 2009.  If this is true, then we all know people will start buying homes and property all at the same time, which in turn will drive up prices. 

Trying to predict when the Real Estate market will turn around is virtually impossible to do. As I stated in my recent Market Trends Newsleter, we will all know when the market has bottomed out when it's going back up again.  Keeping this in mind, it seems to me the best time to Buy is while its still going down when there is no competition, rates are low (in the mid to upper 4's now!) and selllers are more willing to deal in most cases. Call or email me if you know anyone who is looking to Buy or Sell real estate anywhere in Central Oregon, I'd be happy to assist them.

If you click HERE you can view the article.